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Primary Research

It is common for market researchers, especially in pharmaceuticals, to spend weeks (maybe months) working with their brand team to identify business questions...only to be disappointed with the final market research report. You were hoping for insightful direction and instead get a data dump. Practical Insights has experience on both the client and supplier side.

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The best way to get more from your market research studies is to have a partner that's dedicated to your program over an extended period of time. While many agencies approach new clients as a partner, their compensation is based on a per-project basis. The insights warehouse service is a longer term engagement offering. It essentially provides you with a consulting analyst who knows your data inside and out.

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As with our approach to analysis, we take a practical approach to training. The training offered by Practical Insights is not an off-the-shelf product. Instead we customize your training program to meet your needs. When possible, we even use your prior research studies for relevant examples.

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Practical Insights is a market intelligence consulting firm that delivers practical and actionable results to help businesses succeed. With both client and vendor experience, our consultants infuse every project with powerful expertise and an "end in mind" perspective. So whether you need a successful segmentation strategy, an efficient and fresh analysis of existing data, ongoing consultation or hands-on training, bet your brand on Practical Insights.

Practical Insights sorts through the abundance of data to find the information that really matters. We help develop meaningful strategies that lead to accomplished business goals. So if you've ever experienced one of the following situations, we can help..

  • You initiated a new market research study despite a feeling that the answer you're looking for already exists in a prior study. You just didn't have the time to look.
  • You repeated an expensive market research study because the final results of the previous version just were not actionable.
  • Your overloaded daily calendar has kept you from being a strategic partner with the brand team.

In other words, your days are hectic. Work with somebody who gets it.

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